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Flawless Cosmetics

Permanent Professional Cosmetics is an all round cosmetics company set up by Manuela Incendiario. Flawless aims to deliver the highest possible service for clients seeking natural, permanent or medical enhancements to their features.

Flawless provides all the latest techniques in permanent make up procedures- Microblading, Nano Hairstroke eyebrows , Ombré eyebrows. Manuela also provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions (classic and the latest volume techniques) , collagen induction anti aging and scar repair treatments, and keratin lash lifting treatments. 

These services are practiced using the most advanced international techniques, while adhering to strict hygiene and sanitation methods. 

Flawless aims to satisfy the needs of the client by providing accurate consultation, great service; a professional manner and informative education about cosmetics in general. Whether it is a course on how to apply make-up like a professional, to get you looking your best for your special day or to enhance your beauty permanently, Flawless is here to deliver a professional cosmetics service. 

Manuela, owner of Flawless Cosmetics has achieved the highest accreditation worldwide: CPCP USA (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional). 

Manuela also has an international Certificate of completion in Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control. 

Manuela is an active member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Active members must meet the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. Members are kept apprised of developments and techniques in the industry, through regular announcements and newsletters as well as conventions and educational conferences. Education is the key to success in the Permanent Makeup.


Always ask to see the technicians before and after pictures. See Manuela’s online portfolio here: 

The Selection Process 

Once you have made the decision to have permanent cosmetics applied, the next important step is to find a professionally qualified technician. Permanent Cosmetics is not a regulated industry and so I would recommend sufficient research about the technicians in this industry to enable you to determine who has the qualifications, experience and professional manner to best assist you. 

This is a critical decision and I suggest you select on a technician in the same manner you would a doctor or dentist. Remember you are altering your appearance permanently so it is important you make your decision carefully. 

Always ask to see the technicians before and after pictures. See Manuela’s online portfolio here :

I am up to date with all the latest developments and constantly furthering my training. I am a member of The Society of PermanentCosmetic Professionals which is dedicated to promoting safety, excellence, and professional standards by providing education, certification, and industry guidelines. Manuela has spent many years studying and perfecting her craft by consistently attending advanced training classes, seminars, and workshops. She has traveled thousands of miles all over the world to have the privilege of studying under some of the best masters and permanent makeup artists in the world. 

As well as a member of The Permanent Cosmetic Association of South Africa (PCASA) is a chapter of The Society of Permanent CosmeticProfessionals (SPCP).  PCASA is a nonprofit membership society for professionals within the permanent cosmetic industry aimed at the perfect execution of treatments on the part of its members, the advancement of skill and professional development by making training programmes of the highest standard available to its members on a continual basis, and public protection against poor conduct on the part of member industry professionals.

Together with the support of my mentors, masters and support network with some of the best artists in the world , and the confidence in my abilities I would like to present my services to you as a permanent cosmetics artist.